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UC-29 sinks the SS Indian City and takes the crew in tow, painting by Mike Greaves


The Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War

A Maritime Archaeology Trust Project
supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

The Heritage Lottery Fund

Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War is a Heritage Lottery Funded (HLF) four year (2014-2018) project devised and delivered by the Maritime Archaeology Trust to coincide with the centenary of the Great War. At the heart of the project is a desire to raise the profile of a currently under-represented aspect of the First World War. While attention is often focused on the Western Front and major naval battles like Jutland, historic remains from the war lie, largely forgotten, in and around our seas, rivers and estuaries. South Coast wreck sites which include merchant and naval ships, passenger, troop and hospital ships, ports, wharfs, buildings and foreshore hulks are often unrecognised and unprotected and have been degrading and deteriorating due to natural and human processes, for approximately 100 years.

Data within the viewer is based on research where we can reliably trust available sources. If you have information or images that could be added to the database please contact us on:

Learn more about the centenary project:

Vessel details

Click on a Forgotten Wreck to see the vessel stats.

Official number:
Vessel type | sub-type:
Date or year lost:
Builder (port):
Builder (company):
Launch year:
Lngth. | Beam. | Drght:
Primary cargo:
Port of departure:
Port of registry:
Crew onboard:

Site remains

Click on a Forgotten Wreck to learn more about the archaeological site.

HMHS Asturias run aground at Bolt Head near Salcombe, painting by Mike Greaves

Circumstances of loss

Click on a map feature for an account of the vessel's loss.

SS Daro bears down on SS Mendi in heavy fog, painting by Mike Greaves

Vessel and underwater images

Click on a map feature to view related images and photographs.

UB-59 sighted by the crew of SS South Western, painting by Mike Greaves

Artefact images

Click on a map feature to view related artefacts.

The French barque Ernest Legouve under full sail, painting by Mike Greaves

Related documents

Choose a wreck from the map to view related documents here.

Survivors of UB-81 await rescue, HMS P32 approaches, painting by Mike Greaves


Click a wreck on the map to view related videos here.

'Lascars' of the Maloja, painting by Mike Greaves

3D content

Click a wreck on the map to view related 3D content here.

SS Ponus on the rocks at Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth, in 1916 where she would burn for the next three days and nights, painting by Mike Greaves

Help and FAQ

Why are only wrecks on the south coast of England featured on the map?

The project study area covered this area of the coast, which included from Cornwall to Kent and half way across the Channel. There are many other Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War which lie outside this area, their important stories are still to be told.

Is the database that the viewer draws on still being added to or changed?

Yes, we are making further entries to the database and attaching more information, documents, links and images. These will appear in the viewer after each monthly update.

How frequently will the database and viewer be updated?

We will be adding new information or making amendments to the database on a monthly basis.

Are you able to accept new information or photographs of FWW wrecks that feature in the database/ viewer?

Yes! If a site is within the data-set then we are happy to add new information, photographs, video etc to the records. We cannot accept information or photographs for sites outside of this area. We can only accept photographs which you are able to provide permission for use or are of an age that copyright is expired. To submit information, photographs etc then please email us on:

As a volunteer I found information on a vessel that isn’t showing in the viewer, why?

Thanks to the amazing work of our volunteers who spent thousands of hours researching the sites online we have been able to populate many fields in the database. Alongside the online research other volunteers were researching documents in The National Archives or other maritime archives, sometimes these sources provide different information than online sources. If we are not sure of the accuracy of an entry or feel it needs further work to double check then, for now, we have not included this in publicly available information.

I have spotted a mistake in the data, what should I do?

If you have found something that might be inaccurate then please do let us know! Please email us on:

If you can let us know the site, the field that you think needs changing and a reference to show your source that would be great. We will endeavour to make any updates in our monthly update routine.

How can I support the Maritime Archaeology Trust?

We are a charity and rely on the kind support of volunteers and donors. We also have a Friends of the Trust organisation - to find out more and to join please visit Friends of the Trust

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